Primary Care Track

The Primary Care Track is open to any rising R2s/R3s who are interested in increasing their experience and training in primary care and outpatient medicine, regardless of future career aspirations.

The track consists of the following:

One primary care elective each year beyond the standard clinic blocks
Rotations through other subspecialty clinics that are valuable for primary care training (including Dermatology, Orthopedics, Physical Therapy, Gynecology)
Rotation in the satellite practice in Quincy to gain experience in a community based clinic
Residents work on projects and curriculum to improve our practice
Invitations to all General Medical Associates Tuesday noon conferences and faculty development conferences
Twice yearly meetings with mentors

Graduate careers include:

Geriatrics Fellowship at University of Pennsylvania
Hospital at Massachusetts General Hospital 
Tufts Primary Care in Wellesley, MA
Tufts Primary Care in Boston, MA
Endocrinology Fellowship at Tufts Medical Center
Primary Care at Washington University in St. Louis

For further questions, please email Dr. Kinji Sathi or Dr. Dan Chandler.