Primacy Care Track

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The Primary Care Track is open to any rising second or third year resident interested in increasing their experience and training in primary care and outpatient medicine, regardless of future career aspirations.

The track consists of the following:

  • One (3-week) primary care elective both second and third year beyond the standard primary care clinic blocks
  • Rotations through other subspecialty clinics that are valuable for primary care training (including Dermatology, Orthopedics, Physical Therapy, Diabetes clinic, and Headache Clinic)
  • A 3-week rotation in our satellite practice in Quincy to gain experience in a community based clinic
  • Invitations to Tufts Medical Center Primary Care Boston faculty conferences 
    Co-precepting with faculty of other residents to see a larger amount of primary care cases and to have the opportunity to teach other residents and get feedback on this from faculty 
    Dedicated career mentorship and advice on the job application process with several events planned throughout the year including a career panelist dinner and workshops on the job application process, creating a CV and cover letter, interviewing as well as help with contracts negotiations

Recent graduate careers include:

2020 graduates: Tufts Medical Center Primary Care Boston, Mass General Hospital Primary Care
2019 graduates: Salem Family Primary Care, Mass General Hospital Primary Care in Beacon Hill
2018 graduates: Hawaii Health Partners, Tufts Medical Center Primary Care Boston, Queen City Physicians in Cincinnati, Tufts Medical Center Primary Care Quincy
2017 graduates: Geriatrics at St. Luke's Medical Associates of Bethlehem, Tufts Medical Center Primary Care Wellesley, University of Maryland, Hospital Medicine at Stanford


Meegan Remilard, MD (Graduated 2019)
Salem Family Primary Care (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center), New Hampshire

“The primary care track at Tufts offered me complementary educational opportunities beyond our usual experiences in primary care as an internal medicine resident. I was able to help design the curriculum for my additional primary care blocks and rotated through OB/GYN, neurology, dermatology and orthopedic surgery clinics, as well as our diabetes and hypertension clinics. Additionally, through the primary care track I was able to rotate through our community based primary care clinics to understand the difference between practicing in a standalone office vs in a hospital based office setting. I would recommend this track to anyone interested in a career in primary care.”

Jillian Suzukida, MD (Graduated 2015)
Tufts Medical Center Primary Care

“The Primary Care track allowed me to have more time in clinic and see more patients - good preparation for independent practice. I enjoyed spending time in specialty clinics, such as Dermatology, for their perspective on what is important for primary care physicians to know. It was a great opportunity to spend one on one time with primary care faculty and learn how they practice.”

Sharon Rao, MD (One of our first Primary Care Track graduates in 2013)
Baylor Scott & White Health, Texas

“My residency experience in Internal Medicine at Tufts was amazing! Although I loved the inpatient subspecialty system, I ended up choosing a career in primary care. When I voiced an interest in creating a primary care track for residents, 2 faculty members created one in a matter of months. Through the primary care track, I was able to spend some time in orthopedics and dermatology. I still perform the same physical exam I learned from that orthopedics rotation. The dermatology clinic was equally useful for more exposure to common skin lesions/conditions that I routinely see in my primary care clinic. Overall, I cannot think of a better program that would have taught me so much while getting to know a great group of people that I remain very close to!”

For further questions, please email Dr. Kinji Sathi.