Dr. Perrone and his team are at the forefront of PKD research, and we bring the latest treatments right to you. Currently, Drs. PerroneMiskulin, and Gordon participate in clinical trials for patients with ADPKD including:

Bardoxolone (FALCON, Reata)

Our physicians and patients have also participated in the nation's most advanced clinical trials. Now completed trials that we participated in include: HALT PKD, Tempo 3/4, Reprise, Overture, Nocturne, tesevatinib (Kadmon), metformin (TAME), antimiR17 (Regulus), and venglustat (STAGED-PKD, Sanofi).

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Claudia was part of a clinical trial which ended in approval of Tolvaptan for PKD patients

Claudia's Story: Tolvaptan is a "game changer"

There is no cure for ADPKD, but now there is reason for optimism for Claudia and other ADPKD patients.

Learn more about Claudia's story and how Tolvaptan helped her