The William B. Schwartz Division of Nephrology, located at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA, has a long-standing tradition of excellence and commitment to patient care, education, research and public policy. Specializing in the study, diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease and high blood pressure, the Nephrology Division can meet your needs whether you are a patient, referring physician, a trainee or a research partner.

Patient Care

Caring for patients with kidney disease and kidney-related diagnosis is the core of what we do. All patients can expect the highest in personal, compassionate, and comprehensive care. Our multidisciplinary team members are expert in the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic kidney diseases and high blood pressure.

We work with patients to help them choose and carry out appropriate treatment options, which include medical and surgical management of causes of kidney diseases, as well as dialysis and transplantation.

Education and Training

The Division of Nephrology offers an award-winning, dynamic and unparalled education and training experience.  We offer an ACGME-accredited training program and a mentored research training program as well as MS or PhD degrees in clinical research.


We are dedicated to improving the lives of patients through clinical research by conducting relevant, state of the art clinical research on kidney disease and its manifestations. Our aims are to eradicate individual kidney diseases where possible, identify effective treatments and reduce the burden of kidney disease on society.

Our annual research budget is over $4 million. The members of our Division have research interests spanning clinical science, translational research and patient-reported outcomes. We also conduct clinical trials for a variety of kidney diseases.

Public Policy

Members of the Division interact with many partners in government, industry and not-for-profit non-governmental organizations. We collaborate extensively with external partners and the work we do influences public policy about kidney disease on a large scale.

Our recent leadership of, and analysis of data presented at the NKF and FDA Conference on Alternative Endpoints for Clinical Trials is an example of our work to influence how health policy decisions affecting patient care are made. Watch Andrew S. Levey, MD, Chief of the Division of Nephrology and Lesley A. Inker, MD discuss the future of clinical trials for patients with kidney disease.