Research + Clinical Trials

Physician-researchers in the Tufts Medical Center William B. Schwartz Division of Nephrology lead the way in conducting clinical research to define chronic kidney disease and have written the guidelines for its medical management. We are dedicated to improving the lives of patients and our aims are to eradicate individual kidney diseases where possible, identify effective treatments and reduce the burden of kidney disease on society.  The three main areas of our emphasis are epidemiology, clinical trials, and outcomes research.

We work with a wide range of external collaborators from academia, industry, and government and non-governmental organizations to conduct our research focused on solving clinical problems. Each research project has a domain expert, in most cases a nephrologist, a methods expert, and collaborators from other disciplines.

Division members collaborate with methods experts to use the most appropriate and rigorous research methods. Our domain experts include individuals with expertise in chronic kidney disease, assessing kidney function, aging, nutrition, dialysis and transplantation, kidney disease progression, polycystic kidney disease, acute kidney injury and hypertension. View our recent publications on these topics >