Training + Education

Since its founding in the 1950s, the Fellowship Training Program in Nephrology at Tufts Medical Center has prepared more than 200 physicians for careers in clinical nephrology, clinical research, and laboratory research. Our fellows receive individual attention from a devoted faculty, developing collegial relationships that last a lifetime. Cutting edge medical care and research opportunities prepare trainees to launch successful careers in a wide range of domains. The Division of Nephrology also offers specialized training in clinical-research to individuals who have completed clinical nephrology fellowships. Our skilled faculty, affiliation with the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Tufts Universit, and broad research activities provide a unique environment to develop your academic nephrology career.

Why choose Tufts MC?

  1. Our faculty are world renowned nephrologists who LOVE teaching and providing hands-on patient care
  2. Our focus is on outpatient nephrology
  3. Fellows have their own continuity nephrology clinic practice supervised by the same attending for each clinic 
  4. We are the only training program in Boston that provides longitudinal outpatient hemodialysis experience AND longitudinal outpatient home dialysis (HD and PD) experience
  5. We have a dedicated transplant service for fellows to learn all aspects of care from initial evaluation of donors/recipients to post-transplant follow up from transplant nephrology faculty (and we perform over 50 transplants/year)
  6. Fellows take part in educating Tufts University Medical Students during their renal pathophysiology course
  7. In addition to dedicated educational conferences fellows receive pathology, hemodialysis access and urine microscopy teaching by our nephrologists, transplant surgeons, pathologists, and interventional radiologists
  8. You’re in Boston-arguably THE hub for medicine and biotechnology