Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Care + Services

The Division of Clinical Nutrition at Tufts Medical Center is home to a team of doctors dedicated to keeping our patients healthy and at their optimum weight. To do so, we offer a number of different services, including caring for patients with:

  • Malabsorption and intestinal failure
  • Protein energy malnutrition
  • Underweight and failure to thrive
  • Obesity
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Metabolic bone disease
  • Nutritional issues arising from weight loss surgery

Most health plans cover the above nutrition services, but you should check with your own plan about its requirements and how many visits per year are covered. Managed care members need to obtain a referral from their primary care physician prior to the first visit. Co-payments will be collected at the time of the visit (payable in cash or check). Please keep in mind that a referral from a health care practitioner is necessary to make an appointment. To learn more about our services, please use the links below.