Maternal Fetal Medicine Program

Specialized attention for complicated pregnancies

When you’re pregnant, you want to do everything you can to ensure that your baby is healthy. At Tufts Medical Center’s Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) program in Boston, our top doctors, nurses and support staff strive to provide outstanding care to women who have or develop medical problems during pregnancy, women with obstetrical complications or fetal abnormalities and women otherwise at risk for abnormal pregnancy outcomes. 

Because the program is staffed by a large group of board-certified physicians and skilled nurses with broad experience in all areas of perinatal diagnosis and management, you can feel confident that you will receive the highest level of specialized attention throughout your pregnancy.

The full range of diagnostic and treatment options

The Maternal Fetal Medicine program offers a full range of outpatient services, including perinatal consultations, genetic counseling and prenatal care for patients with high-risk pregnancies. Our newly upgraded, state-of-the-art Prenatal Diagnosis Center offers all current diagnostic procedures, such as routine and targeted sonographic examination, amniocentesis, chronic villus sampling and fetal blood sampling. We also perform fetal procedures and operative obstetrics techniques, including cordocentesis, fetal transfusion and fetal shunting—a service not all maternal-fetal medicine programs provide.

A collaborative approach to care for you and your baby

We believe that exceptional care requires an expert team. Led by “Best of Boston” doctor Sabrina Craigo, MD, we work with physicians and nurses from a variety of disciplines, including neonatologists, perinatologists, geneticists, pediatric subspecialists and counselors to address every aspect of your pregnancy and delivery. Our staff also provides medical and surgical services for high-risk pregnancies at our six community affiliates, so you can receive your care and treatment closer to home.