Maternity Services

Family-centered specialty care

You’ve made the big decision to add to your family. Now it’s time to choose the OB/GYN experts you want by your side throughout your journey. Tufts Medical Center has skilled obstetricians and nurses who enjoy getting to know the mother-to-be and are here to help with your pregnancy every step of the way. 

Should you or your baby need extra assistance along the way, we have all the expertise you’ll need in Boston and Braintree.

Pregnancy Timeline

Before childbirth:

  • Level 2 ultrasounds, providing the most detailed look at your growing fetus
  • Access to parenting, childbirth and breastfeeding classes

Labor and Delivery:

What to Pack

After childbirth:

  • Care for your newborn in the nursery or NICU if needed
  • Announce your baby’s arrival with our online photo-sharing system

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