OB TeleFlex Program

Tufts Medical Center is proud to offer a new way of caring for pregnant patients with OB TeleFlex, a hybrid care model where patients streamline their in-person care with telemedicine appointments and at-home monitoring. Traditional prenatal care consists of in-person visits that become more frequent as patients get further along in their pregnancy. On average, patients attend 14 visits throughout the course of pregnancy. In low-risk pregnancy, many of these visits consist of monitoring and no testing is conducted.

This model of care has proven to be safe for pregnant patients and provide higher patient satisfaction, and lowers stress and anxiety during pregnancy. Teleflex is also proven to lower patient cost due to less time taken off of work, decreased childcare, and decreased travel expenses.


How does OB TeleFlex work?

The OB TeleFlex program involves streamlining in-person prenatal visits to those where you need to physically be present – when lab or ultrasound testing must be done. Most other scheduled prenatal visits will be conducted using telemedicine with the OB nurse navigator. The nurse navigator is part of your care team and works alongside your doctor. The nurse navigator is available via text or phone call during business hours to answer questions, provide support, and coordinate any in-person appointments if they are needed.


What do I need to participate in OB TeleFlex?

When you participate in OB TeleFlex, you will be provided with a blood pressure cuff and fetal monitor to use throughout your pregnancy. If insurance does not cover these items, you may borrow them from the OBGYN office for the duration of your pregnancy.

You must have access to a cell phone or computer with internet service for the telemedicine visits.


Who can participate in OB TeleFlex?

Anyone who is low-risk, as determined by their doctor, is eligible to participate in the OB TeleFlex program.


For more information ask your Tufts MC obstetrician or call Jennifer Roberts-Barry, OB Nurse Navigator for the OB Teleflex program at 617-636-5870.