Conference Lectures

Morning Report

Formal morning report is held each morning with staff of the Generalist, Gynecologic Oncology, Urogynecology, and Maternal-Fetal Medicine services present. For the first half-hour the benign gynecology and gynecologic oncology teams present all surgical cases, in-house patients, and consults.

For the second half-hour, the obstetrical team will present interesting deliveries, review the active labor board, and discuss acute antepartum patients. All members of the team participate in the discussion with topics focusing on various points ranging from appropriate diagnostic principles to surgical technique and decision-making. This session provides all residents excellent preparation for the Obstetrics & Gynecology oral boards.


Tuesday mornings are reserved for didactic teaching sessions that includes formal lectures, journal club, and simulation. Didactic lectures cover topics that are outlined in the CREOG Educational Objectives. The staff of Tufts Medical Center’s Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology presents three-quarters of the lectures while the remainder of the lectures are presented by other departmental leaders or residents. At the conclusion of didactics every week, the program leadership attend a session titled “Meconium Rounds” where the residents discuss the affairs of the residency program. The program is constantly in a flux of adjustment to improve resident training, experience, and quality of life.  Resident suggestions and ideas are not only welcome to the discussion, but in large part are implemented and result in the continued advancement of our program.

Journal Club

Journal Club is conducted once a month during didactics by a second or third year resident. The Education Chief Resident and the presenting resident are responsible for picking a relevant journal article. An attending will be present to facilitate discussion of the article as well.  

Teaching Conferences

Grand Rounds are held Tuesday mornings at Tufts Medical Center with presentations by attending staff, visiting professors, and Boston-area faculty. Morbidity and Mortality conferences are held the second and fourth Tuesday morning of every month and includes presentations of complicated cases as well as a case conference where residents present case lists from their services and answer questions regarding management.

Several divisions have their own weekly conferences.

Gynecologic Oncology has a multidisciplinary Tumor Board Conference every Tuesday afternoon. The intern of the gynecologic oncology service prepares the case presentations. Pathology, Radiology, and Radiation Oncology are all in attendance to review relevant films and slides that contribute to a formal recommendation of management. Maternal-Fetal Medicine has a weekly Perinatal Conference that is conducted every Friday morning immediately following morning report. Current fellows and attending staff, as well as area specialists, are invited to speak.

The Division of General Obstetrics & Gynecology conducts informal lectures and presentations as part of the resident gynecology service.  Additionally, the Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology group organizes formal presentations given by the second year resident during the Menstrual Irregularities Conference every Monday with the goal to review various menstrual cycle irregularities, their pathophysiology, diagnosis, and appropriate management.

Teaching Conference Calendars – Tufts Medical Center

Conference Name Day and Time
Grand Rounds Tuesday, 8 am
Morbidity & Mortality Second and Fourth Tuesday of the Month, 8 am
Morning Report Daily, 7 am
Resident Didactics

Tuesday, 9 am- 12 pm

Journal Club Monthly during didactics; time varies
Resident Research Day Full day in mid-June
Multidisciplinary Tumor Board Tuesday, 4 pm
MFM Perinatal Conference Friday, 8 am
PAG Menstrual Abnormalities Monthly, 12- 1 pm

Southern New Hampshire Medical Center

Conference Name Day and Time
Grand Rounds Thursday, 8 am
Morbidity & Mortality Last Thursday of the Month, 8 am
Morning Report Daily, 8 am

Metrowest Medical Center

Conference Name Day and Time
Grand Rounds Wednesday, 8 am
Morning Report Daily, 7:30 am
Resident Free Care Clinic Tuesday 7 pm and Thursday 2 pm

Cambridge Hospital

Conference Name Day and Time
Grand Rounds Thursday, 8 a.m.
Morbidity & Mortality 1st Thursday of the Month, 8 a.m.
Teaching Rounds Daily

Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Conference Name Day and Time
Grand Rounds Wednesday, 7 am
Morbidity & Mortality 3rd Thursday of Month, 7 am
Multidisciplinary Tumor Board 1st and 3rd Wednesday, 7 am