Ophthalmology (New England Eye Center)

Demand the Best for Your Eye Care

Ophthalmology (New England Eye Center) at Tufts Medical Center specializes in the testing and treatment of all types of eye diseases and visual problems. New England Eye Center staff ophthalmologists have earned national and international reputations as clinicians, educators and researchers. Their experience spans everything from routine eye care to complex and serious eye cases.

Bringing the Latest Advances to You

Outside of clinical care, New England Eye Center is committed to leadership in programs of medical education, eye research and ophthalmic technology development.

We're affiliated with Tufts University School of Medicine, where our staff ophthalmologists all hold teaching appointments. New England Eye Center also recognizes the importance of eye and vision research and the need for programs that translate findings from the laboratory to the clinical arena. In recent years, we've built a substantial research program that includes the Vision Research Laboratories, the Tufts Center for Vision Research and extensive clinical trials. Our world-renowned scientists collaborate extensively with our clinicians in research efforts.

What does our involvement in education and research mean to patients? Our physicians and technical staff always keep up with the latest advances in ophthalmology — and can apply the most innovative treatments and techniques in caring for your eyes.


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