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You don’t have to live with foot pain

Our feet work hard for us every day, but we often take them for granted — until they hurt. Fortunately, the Podiatry Program at Tufts Medical Center in Boston provides complete care for everything from irritating skin conditions to painful foot and ankle injuries. Our program’s guiding principle is, “No one should have to live with foot pain.”

Program Director Timothy Curran, DPM has cared for thousands of patients at Tufts Medical Center since 1995. Doctors throughout Greater Boston regularly refer their podiatry patients to Dr. Curran for second and third opinions before surgery. His expertise has led to past roles as team podiatrist for professional teams in soccer (New England Revolution) and lacrosse (Boston Blazers).

We treat all podiatric problems

Dr. Curran brings the same dedication he has lent to professional sports teams to treating your foot and ankle pain. A brief list of common conditions he treats includes:

  • Work-related and sports injuries — Achilles tendonitis and tears, sprains, fractures, blisters and wounds
  • Problems linked to flat feet — arch pain, plantar fasciitis and shin splints
  • Dermatological conditions — athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, ingrown toenails and calluses
  • Neurological disorders — neuropathy, nerve entrapments and neuroma
  • Diabetic foot problems — ulcers, sores, bruises, cuts and infections
  • Arthritis — of the foot and ankle
  • Malformations — bunions and hammer toes.

Our approach to treating you depends on our evaluation and diagnosis of your problem, but we usually begin with more conservative therapy. These approaches include:

We manage most podiatry conditions in our office or on an outpatient basis. When such surgery is recommended, your procedures will be performed by Dr. Curran — in the clinic or outpatient surgical setting.

We believe the team approach provides the best care

Depending on your condition, Dr. Curran may be joined by another attending (supervising) surgeon from one of our orthopedic specialties, such as Sports Medicine or Total Joint Replacement. We collaborate regularly with our Foot and Ankle Program, making our service a comprehensive center for treating all problems of the foot and ankle.

Additionally, if you have a wound that won’t heal properly, we work closely with the Tufts MC Vascular, Wound and Hyperbaric Center, which provides hyperbaric therapy and other advanced treatments.

The Orthopedic Trauma Service is also accessible 24/7 to consult with community hospitals on complicated cases. We can arrange for your transfer to Tufts MC for treatment, whether that involves inpatient transfer or outpatient consultation.

Timothy Curran, DPM

Timothy Curran, DPM

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