Joint Replacement Program

Exceptional joint care from a renowned orthopedic team

The Joint Replacement Program at Tufts Medical Center in Boston uses advanced surgical and non-surgical techniques to eliminate or relieve your hip and knee pain. Whether you have severe arthritis or another painful joint disorder, you can count on our orthopaedic team to get you moving again. Explore our treatment options: 

Is joint replacement right for you?

Thousands of joint replacements are performed in the United States every day. Today’s surgical techniques are extremely advanced, and joint implant materials are very durable.

Before we consider hip or knee joint replacement surgery, we typically explore conservative, non-operative treatments to preserve your natural hip or knee. Decisions about surgery are made only after a health evaluation and in-depth conversations between you and our physicians. Learn more about our non-surgical offerings, including: 

Educating you and your family about your condition and options is an important part of our mission. You can learn more by reading our Joint Replacement FAQs.

If you’re planning to have a joint replacement, we encourage you to attend our Joint Replacement Workshop. The workshop is a unique event where we answer all your questions and cover everything you need to know before you have surgery.

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