Research + Clinical Trials

Developing therapies and medical devices to improve patient health

The Orthopedics Department at Tufts Medical Center in Boston combines research and education with outstanding patient care. Our expert orthopedic clinical staff continuously contributes new knowledge in the understanding of the causes of bone, joint and muscle disease and studies the long-term outcomes of musculoskeletal conditions.

To improve patient health, our orthopedic research team develops new methods of treatment and participates in studies that lead to new medical devices and innovations. We regularly disseminate our results through participation in professional societies, presentations at conferences and publications in scholarly journals.

We combine education and research with our expert care to deliver the best quality to our patients. Our acclaimed orthopedic clinical staff has contributed to new knowledge in the understanding of the causes of bone and joint disease, and has focused on studying the long-term outcomes of musculoskeletal conditions. 

Our mission is to develop new methods of treatment and to participate in research leading to new medical devices in order to promote patient health and human well-being in the ethical practice of orthopedic medicine. 

Collaborating with the community

Orthopedics research enables collaboration on a variety of projects within Tufts Medical Center and the Tufts University communities, as well as with other academic medical centers. We participate in a number of industry-sponsored, prospective trials to ensure the quality of current and new medical devices.

Over the years, we have created numerous publications and presented our findings to our peers, a reflection of our dedication to research that helps patients everywhere.

If you’re a resident or student, joining our efforts can lead to a fascinating future. Our research provides residents with superior training in contemporary surgical procedures while instilling a culture of exploratory practice through applied research. It also introduces orthopedics to medical students who are considering a career in the field or other related fields.

We welcome your contributions to assist in new discoveries while enhancing your training and knowledge in orthopedics.

If you're interested in joining our research efforts, please contact our Clinical Research Associate, Nicole Gauthier.