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  • Integration of Palliative Care series
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Palliative Care Grand Rounds

The Division hosts speakers with local, regional and national prominence to educate and inspire members of the Division and other professionals in the medical center. Speakers share their wisdom, including clinical innovations, original research findings and works in progress. The HPM fellow will present at this forum at the end of the fellowship year. Selected presentations from previous years are listed below:

April 22nd, 2021: "Pathways to Wellness: Exploring the Interrelationships between Obesity, Pain Management, and Psychological Factors"
Olutosin “Tosin” Ojugbele, MD

June 17th, 2021: "Advance Care Planning in the Chinese Diaspora
Zhimeng Jia, MD, CCFP, PC

October 21st, 2021: “The unique privilege of caring for young adults who are survivors of childhood cancer and hopes for the future
Lisa Mueller, MD

November 21st, 2019: "Sonnets, Soliloquys, and Suffering: A Place for the Humanities in Palliative Care"
Shapir Rosenberg, MD

December 19th, 2019: "A practical and ethically justified approach to advance directives discussions"
Paul Mathew, MD

January 29th, 2020: "Psychedelic Research: Implications for Palliative Care and End-of-Life Existential Distress"
Anthony Bossis PhD

February 20th, 2020: "A Pragmatic Approach to Measuring Quality of Palliative Care Taking into Consideration Clinician Burnout"
Jatin Dave, MD

October 17th, 2019, "Conflict Engagement: Strategies for Connecting with Patients, Families, Colleagues and Yourself"
Debra Gerardi, RN, MPH, JD

September 19, 2019, “Opioid-Related Challenges in Palliative Care Patients”
Dustin Patil, MD
Director, Addiction Psychiatry, Tufts Medical Center
Tamara Vesel, MD
Chief, Division of Palliative Care, Tufts Medical Center

June 20th, 2019, “A Year in Palliative Care: Education and research at Tufts Medical Center and Tufts Medicine”
Katherine Hicks-Courant, MD, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Tufts Medical Center
Emma Ernst, 3rd Year Medical Student at Tufts University 
Bernice Burkarth, MD HMDC FAAHPM, CMO of Home Health Foundation
Benjamin Wessler, MD, Cardiologist at Tufts Medical Center
Tamara Vesel, MD, Chief of the Division of Palliative Care at Tufts Medical Center

April 18, 2019: “Aging with Wisdom: Reflections, Stories and Teachings”
Olivia Ames Hoblitzelle, Author

May 16, 2019: “Can We Generate a More Sustaining and Inclusive Power of Compassion for our Lives and Work?”
John Makransky, PhD

February 21, 2019: “Dialysis: High Tech Palliative Care" 
Presenter: Klemens B. Meyer, MD

January 17, 2019: “I Won't Let you Die: A Mother's Perspective of Her Daughter's Journey with Metastatic Gastric Cancer"
Presenter: Deidre Sligh, Bereaved Parent

December 13, 2018: “Courageous Parents Network: Using Patient and Family Voices in Pediatric Palliative Care”
Presenter: Patricia O’Malley, MD

November 1, 2018: “We should be worse technicians and better human beings: The Conversations that Lead to End of  Life Decisions”
Presenter: Susan Harris, Rabbi, MHL, BCC

October 11, 2018: “Delirium in Seriously Ill Children and Adults”
Presenter: Dr. Chase Samsel

September 20, 2018: “Spirituality and Palliative Care: From Asclepius to P-Values”
Presenter: Tracy Balboni, MD, MPH, FAAHPM

July 19, 2018: Palliative Grand Rounds: Team and Systems Based Approaches to Quality and Safety in Pain Management
Speaker: Dr. Daniel B. Carr, MD, DABPM, FFPMANZCA (Hon)

June 14, 2018: “Palliative Care Discussion: Needs Assessment for Bereavement Services at Tufts Medical Center”.
Panel Discussion: Kathy Hershfield, SW; Linda Russo, RN (spouse); Megan DeLisi (parent); Chris Roehr (parent and spouse)

May 15, 2018 “Tibetans Practices for the End of Life: What we can learn from Asian Models”.  
Guest Speaker: Willa Miller, PhD

April 19, 2018 “Home Hospice: Debunking the Myths, Understanding the Realities.”  
Guest Speaker: Diana Taylor, SW

February 15, 2018 “Grief and Bereavement: Best Practices for Supporting Bereaved Families” Sue Morris, PsyD.

January 18, 2018 “Emerging Role of Palliative Care for Patients with Advance Heart Failure” by Jatin Dave, MD

November 30th, 2017 “Opioids in a Time of Crisis: Pain, Addiction, Suffering, National Emergencies….Where Are We Now?” by Douglas Brandoff, MD

October 19, 2017 “Shifting from Rescue to Right: Palliative Care and Healthcare Reform” by Jennifer Clark, MD

September 21, 2017 “Humanism, Burnout, and Patient Care: Excerpts from a Work in Progress” by Julius Yang, M.D.,PH.D. 

August 17, 2017 “Difficult encounters in clinical care” by Guy Maytal, M.D. 

July 20, 2017  “Reflections on staying well in the care of patients” by Charles J. Hatem, M.D.


Palliative Care Elective

For their elective, the palliative care fellow can choose to function as a teaching assistant for the 4th year medical student elective in end-of-life care. In this role, the students will read literature relevant to end of life from a variety of fields, including ethics, sociology, as well as medicine. The HPM fellow helps facilitate the class with Dr. Tamara Vesel and Dr. Klemens Meyer.