Our Services

The Palliative Care Program at Tufts Medical Center encompasses a range of services for patients at any stage of serious illness. These services may include:


Palliative care services often begin with a consultation, during which our team reviews your medical records and talks with your physician and other members of your care team. 

We then undergo a thorough assessment of your medical situation, talk with you and your family about your goals for care and determine the best path forward to help you live a good life for as long as possible. 

Coordinating Multidisciplinary Care

Collaboration is paramount in delivering palliative care. Our team is comprised of clinicians, nurse practitioners, social workers and other care professionals who are committed to ensuring that you or your loved one receives the best care possible in the face of a serious illness. 

Our team works closely with your primary care physician, specialists and any other team members involved in the treatment of your illness to ensure that your care meets your goals and is fully coordinated. 

Inpatient Palliative Care

We currently offer inpatient consultation services through physician referrals or by request. Palliative care can be requested at any point in the treatment process for a serious condition. We encourage you to seek out palliative care early in your treatment, as research shows that palliative care can improve outcomes and reduce re-hospitalization. 

Please ask your provider or nurse for more information or for a referral to the Palliative Care Program at Tufts MC. 

Outpatient Palliative Care

It is important to our team that we are able to meet patients wherever they are in the treatment process. Outpatient palliative care clinics are available for both new and established patients.