Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


Location: Ziskind 4

Summary of Services Provided: The Biorepository offers banked frozen tissues, fresh/snap frozen prospectively collected tissues, recuts from FFPE blocks, and other biospecimens to research investigators and industry so they can contribute to medical discoveries. The Biorepository is partnered with Maine Medical Center's BioBank, more information about which can be found on their website.

Laboratory Contact Information: (617) 636-5831 or
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm

To request tissue or other biospecimens, send an email to Include a brief summary of your study, as well as the specific services you are requesting from the Biorepository. Please attach the IRB approval letter and protocol for your study. After receiving these items, the Biorepository will create a quote for the services requested. This quote will be reliant on what services are provided and if the study is directed by a Tufts Medical Center or Tufts University Investigator (Tier 1), a Non-Tufts Academic Investigator (Tier 2), or an Industry Sponsor (Tier 3).

Karla Murga
Phone: 617-636-5831