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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


The Biorepository Program offers banked frozen tissues to research investigators so they can contribute to medical discoveries. The repository is located in the Department of Pathology at Tufts Medical Center. For questions, contact the department at 617-636-5831 or

How it works

A tissue bank coordinator and an anatomic pathologist manage the repository, and a Tissue Banking Committee creates the policies for allocation of tissues to qualified investigators.

The decision to provide specimens to investigators is based on the scientific merit of the proposed project and the perceived benefit of the study to enhancing the goals of Tufts Medical Center research and clinical programs. Tissue samples to be used for research purposes are available to investigators that have obtained Tufts University Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. The IRB and the Tissue Banking Committee must approve requests for tissues before any tissues are released to investigators.

How to request tissues

  • Login to the Tufts MC Tissue Repository.
  • Provide a brief summary of your study to the Tissue Banking Committee. It should include the aims of your study, as well as the requirements for using the banked tissues.
  • Give justification for the numbers of tissue samples needed to obtain statistical data. Tissue allocation is based on the availability of the particular type of tissue.

How tissues are distributed

  • First priority is given to Tufts Medical Center and Tufts University faculty members with funded projects.
  • Second priority is given to existing collaborative projects amongst Tufts Medical Center and University faculty members who require tissue studies as part of an application for funds from sources evaluating proposals by peer-review.
  • Third priority is given to faculty members planning applications for peer-reviewed funding and who require preliminary data.

Applications from other Tufts investigators are considered based on the scientific merit of the project and the availability of tissues.

Stephen Naber, MD, PhD
Medical Director

Sandra Gaston, PhD
Scientific Director

Kristi Bedrossian
Anatomic Pathology Manager

Amindsy Bertrand
Biorepository Coordinator