Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Chemistry Laboratory

Location:  Tufts Medical Center 3

Summary of Services Provided:

The Chemistry Laboratory provides routine and stat testing of various analytes in blood, urine, and fluids, including therapeutic drugs, drugs of abuse, reproductive endocrinology, cardiac markers, and tumor markers. Additional testing includes andrology, antinuclear antibodies, protein electrophoresis, and molecular pathology.

Hours of Operation: 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

Laboratory Contact Information:  617-636-5820


Medical Director and Contact Information:

Steven Conklin-Lopez, PhD
Phone: 617-636-7128

Gary Horowitz, MD
Director of Informatics; Director of Point-of-Care
Phone: 617-636-7216


Manager and Contact Information:

Robert Skahan
Phone: 617-636-7608


Supervisor and Contact Information:

Barbara Hilton
Phone: 617-636-5822