Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

HLA Molecular Laboratory

Location: Tufts Ziskind 4

Summary of Services Provided: 

The HLA/Molecular Laboratory provides transplant testing including HLA Class I (A, B, C) and Class II (DR, DQ, DP) typing by molecular method (SSOP Luminex), T and B cell crossmatch by Flow Cytometry method, Single antigen testing for disease association or drug hypersensitivity by molecular method (SSOP), and HLA Antibody Identification Class I and Class II testing using the solid phase of Luminex platform.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m

Laboratory Contact Information: 617-636-5793

Medical Director and Contact Information:

Arthur Rabson, MD
Phone: 617-636-0251

Associate Medical Director and Contact Information:

John Xin, PhD, D(ABHI)
Phone: 617-636-9299

Manager and Contact Information:

Elaine Minchello MT(ASCP)
Phone: 617-636-5477

Supervisor and Contact Information:

Eva Guan, CHT(ABHI)
Phone: 617-636-5791