Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Hematology Laboratory

Location:  Tufts Children's 3

Summary of Services Provided:

The  Hematology Laboratory provides both automated and manual CBC and WBC differential, as well as reticulocyte count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and eosinophil count. Additional tests include body fluid cell count and differential,  urinalysis and sediment, crystal search, PT with INR, PTT, fibrinogen,  sensitive d-dimer,  Anti Xa assay for LMWH and other heparins,  Amnisure ROM,  FFN, monospot,  sickle cell screen,  guiac card for occult blood in stool (inpatient only),  iFOBT  screen for colorectal cancer, Kleihauer-Betke stain for fetal hemoglobin, and smear examination for  blood parasites.

Special Coagulation:  factor and inhibitor assays,  Hypercoagulation ,  von Willebrand’s  and  Lupus anticoagulant screens.   Platelet function assays and screen for HIT.

Special Hematology:  workup for hemoglobinopathies, G6-PD screen,  serum viscosity, ZPP,  blood parasite identification  and quantitation,   bone marrow  peroxidase, Wrights and iron stains.

Flow Cytometry:  Immunophenotyping for leukemia and lymphoma,  PNH  and MDS.  T cell subsets.

Hours of Operation: 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

Laboratory Contact Information: 617-636-5475

Medical Director and Contact Information:

Monika  Pilichowska, PhD, MD
Phone: 617-850-2999

Hematology Supervisor:
Phone: 617-636-5475
Mary Baptista

Manager and Contact Information:

Rouette Hunter
Phone: 617-636-5477