Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Doctors + Care Team

Anatomic Pathology

Ming Zhou, MD, PhD, Chair and Pathologist-in-Chief (Specialty: Urologic Pathology)
Elizabeth M. Genega, MD, Chief, Anatomic Pathology (Subspecialty: Genitourinary)
Knarik Arkun, MD, Director of Neuropathology and Autopsy Service
Jeffrey L. Arnold, MD, MS, Cytopathology and Surgical Pathology (Subspecialty: Cytopathology)
Masha Bilic, MD, Staff Pathologist (Subspecialty: Pulmonary Pathology, Nephropathology, Cardiac Pathology) 
Hannah Chen, MD, PhD Cytopathologist, Surgical Pathologist
Natalie A. Ciomek, MD, Surgical Pathologist (Subspecialty: Gastrointestinal and Hematopathology)
Janet M. Cowan, PhD, Medical Director of Cytogenetics
Stephen P. Naber, PhD, MD, Senior Pathologist; Medical Director, Biorepository (Subspecialty: Breast)
Monika Roychowdhury, MD, Staff Pathologist; Medical Director of Cytopathology (Subspecialty: Cytopathology and Molecular Genetic)
Daniel Rust, MD, Surgical Pathologist (Subspecialty: Pediatric) 
Arthur S. Tischler, MD, Endocrine Pathology (Subspecialty: Endocrine Pathology)

Clinical Pathology

Barbarajean Magnani, PhD, MD, Chief of Clinical Pathology and Director of Toxicology
Steven A. Bogen, PhD, MD, Medical Director of Clinical Chemistry
Raymond L. Comenzo, MD, Medical Director of Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine
Nicholas Heger, PhD, Assistant Director, Clinical Chemistry; Medical Director, Lab Support Services
Gary Horowitz, MD, Director of Informatics
Monika Pilichowska, MD, PhD, Director, Clinical Hematology and Hematopathology
Arthur R. Rabson, MD, Medical Director of Immunology & Microbiology, and Molecular Laboratories
Ulrike Kappes, MD, PhD, FACMGG, Clinical Molecular Geneticist
John J. Xin, MD, PhD, Associate Director, HLA Lab 

Residency and Fellowship Programs

Arthur R. Rabson, MD, Director of AP/CP Residency Training Program
Elizabeth M. Genega, MD, Associate Director of AP/CP Residency Training Program, Surgical Pathology Fellowship Training
Madeline Harrison, Residency Program Coordinator

Laboratory Administration

Ming Zhou, MD, PhD Chair and Pathologist-in Chief
John Butz, Director of Laboratory Services
Nicholas Heger, PhD, CC (NRCC), Medical Director, Clinical Operations
James Rogers, MT(ASCP), MBA, Project Director