Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Steven Bogen, MD, PhD Research Laboratory

The research laboratory of Steven Bogen, MD, PhD focuses on applied (translational) projects in the area of cancer detection and diagnosis, with an emphasis on new technology development.  As a result of this translational focus, more than a dozen U.S. patents were received.  Most of the patents relate to products that are now commercialized.  The first project was for the development of an automated instrument for performing special stains and immunohistochemistry testing.  The instrument staining system is called the “Artisan”, now sold by Dako Corporation.

More recently, the Dr. Bogen's team developed a new technology for a nationally standardized system of controls and calibrators for immunohistochemical assays used in surgical pathology.  These immunohistochemistry tests involve measuring the cellular concentrations of specific proteins in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections.  These protein measurements are used for accurately classifying cancers and infectious diseases, or deciding which therapy to offer.  The net result of the project will be improved accuracy and reproducibility of clinical tests that are widely used in pathology diagnosis.  That technology, a system of controls and calibrators for immunohistochemistry, is funded by the National Cancer Institute.  The group is currently conducting clinical trials for a regulatory submission.