Med to Bed

The Med-to Bed program at Tufts MC makes it easier for families and patients to receive their medications before leaving the hospital. Through our in-house pharmacy on Atrium 3, we fill and deliver outpatient medications to patients at their time of discharge. 

Prescription, Delivery, Home

Having to go to the pharmacy can be a strenuous task after a day at the hospital. Once a physician writes you a new prescription, our pharmacy team will prepare it for you. By filling prescriptions from our in-house pharmacy, we are promoting medication adherence and ensuring a safe transition from hospital to home. Once your prescription is filled, the pharmacy staff will bring the medication to your bed side.

There is no reason to stop at the pharmacy before heading home anymore.


Through this program, there is increased communication between physicians, pharmacy staff and patients. Because the pharmacy is located at Tufts MC, the elements that typically slow down the process at a retail pharmacy, can be solved more quickly. Physicians and pharmacy staff will discuss and resolve any issues so your discharge processes will not be hindered.


The Tufts MC Med to Bed program assists with access, cost and adherence for new prescriptions. On average, 750 patients receive this service a month and the number continues to grow.