Getting Started

How to fill a new prescription

After your clinic visit with your doctor, a prescription will be sent to our outpatient pharmacy. Then, our pharmacy team will enroll you in our Specialty Pharmacy Program. If you need a new prescription, our pharmacy team will work closely with your doctor’s office to get one quickly. Our staff will provide information about drug product selection and suggest ways to get a drug that is not available from our pharmacy.

How to order a prescription refill

We will call you with refill reminders 5-7 days in advance of when you will need a new supply of medication. However, you may call us any time to request a refill.  Please call at least 5 days before your supply runs out, if possible. We will work with you to get the medication you need if the number of refills is limited by your health care benefit plan.

Generic substitution/biosimilar policy

In keeping with Massachusetts law, Tufts Medical Center Specialty Pharmacy may substitute a lower-cost generic or a biosimilar drug for a brand name medication, unless your prescriber has asked for a specific brand name drug. 

Delivery of your medication and status of your prescription

Our technicians will contact you to decide the best method of delivery for your medication. You can pick up your medication from our outpatient pharmacies located on Atrium 3 and South 8, or the drugs can be delivered to your home or work address at no additional charge. If your medications require special handling or refrigeration, the drugs will be packaged and shipped accordingly. You can call us during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8 am-6 pm) at 617-636-5787, to ask about the delivery or status of your prescription. Our pharmacy team will call you if there will be a delay in the preparation or shipment of your medication.