Services Provided

Tufts Medical Center Specialty Pharmacy offers a program that provides you with services beyond just filling your prescriptions. We will guide you through your treatment plan and work with you and your doctors to achieve the best possible treatment outcome. 

Benefits of enrolling in our Specialty Pharmacy Program also include:

  • Taking your medications regularly as prescribed by your doctor
  • Improving your quality of life by helping you to manage your medication and disease
  • Reviewing and adjusting your medications based on possible interactions or side effects 
  • Keeping you and your doctor informed about any changes that might be needed with your medication.
Our pharmacists are trained to help you with your medications and answer your questions, and you can contact us anytime you have questions regarding your treatment. We will teach you about your medications in the clinic or over the telephone following your visit with your doctor. We can also provide you with a list of community resources upon request. If you have any concerns about your medications you received, or other issues, please contact our Specialty Pharmacy or speak with a pharmacist during your next office visit. Our automated telephone system includes emergency service, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week by calling 617-636-5787.