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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Muscular Dystrophy Association Clinic

In conjunction with other Tufts Medical Center neuromuscular specialists, our physiatrists provide ongoing treatment and management for the many types of muscular dystrophy and other designated muscular and neurologic disorders. We work with the Boston Area Chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association to help patients and their families manage the disabilities associated with progressive neuromuscular disorders.

Our adult program provides seamless continuity of care for patients who begin treatment with our Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Division at Floating Hospital for Children. The pediatric service is led by our medical center’s Physiatrist-in-Chief, Harry Webster, MD, FAAP, one of the most accomplished and experienced pediatric physiatrists in New England.

This bridge from expert pediatric care to adult care is rare, even in a hub of medicine like Boston. Our team provides continuity of care and ensures that each patients is treated by a team of clinicians  who are deeply knowledgeable about their patients’ unique goals and medical needs and are familiar and caring faces.

Feng Wang, MD, MPH

Feng Wang, MD, MPH

Title(s): Adult Physiatrist; Visiting Associate Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine
Department(s): Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Appt. Phone: 617-636-5631
Fax #: 617-636-2551

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation: amputee and prosthesis, spinal cord injury

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