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Musculoskeletal Clinic

The Musculoskeletal Clinic at Tufts Medical Center focuses on diagnosing and treating people suffering from a wide range of musculoskeletal problems, conditions that affect muscles, joints, bones and soft tissue. 

Many musculoskeletal problems result from injuries to joints, chronic strain, overuse, or they can be caused by conditions associated with aging, such as degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis.

We treat a wide range of chronic and acute musculoskeletal conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Tendinitis
  • Bursitis
  • Ruptured tendons
  • Sports- and work-related injuries

Personalized care for every patient

The team tailors a care plan for each patient based on his or her needs and goals. Typically, we begin by exploring non-surgical treatments, which may include physical therapy, exercise, lifestyle changes and medications, and for some patients, precisely guided, fluoroscopic spinal injection therapy provided in conjunction with our colleagues in the Pain Management Program.

If the patient and his or her doctor ultimately agree that surgery is the best treatment option, our physiatrists will work closely with our expert colleagues in our surgical departments, including Vascular surgery, Orthopedics, or Neurosurgery, to develop an optimal care plan for the patient. Care plans cover every rehabilitation need before and after surgery to help the patient reach his or her goals and return to enjoying everyday activities.

Rina M. Bloch, MD

Rina M. Bloch, MD

Accepting New Patients

Title(s): Adult Physiatrist; Associate Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine
Department(s): Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Appt. Phone: 617-636-5631
Fax #: 617-636-2551

Adult and geriatric rehabilitation, musculoskeletal, brain injury, stroke, rheumatological management, spine care

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