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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Upper Extremity Clinic

The Upper Extremity Pain Clinic at Tufts MC in Boston is home to experts in assessing and treating pain in the upper extremities. Pain may be caused by pinched nerves, compression neuropathy such as carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle damage, tendon or ligamentous injury, or arthritis or bony injury.

Many of these disorders are challenging to diagnose. Fortunately our team has extensive experience in evaluating patients with a wide range of conditions and using numerous diagnostic methods to identify the sources of pain.

Carpal tunnel responds well to an interdisciplinary approach.  We work closely with our colleagues in Neurology to precisely identify the cause of pain by employing advanced imaging technologies such as electromyography (EMG).

Typically we are able to provide symptomatic relief with non-surgical, non-invasive therapies to such as physical therapy, aquatic therapy, oral medications, and minimally invasive techniques, such as injection therapy (including precisely guided, trigger-point injections) and nerve blocks.

In every case, we customize a treatment plan to help each patient reach his or her goals, whether they are getting a better night’s sleep, returning to productivity at work, enjoying time with family, or walking, bending and lifting with pain minimized or even eliminated.

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