Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy services for every stage of your recovery

Physical therapy can help you regain essential abilities like balance, coordination and muscle strength after an illness or injury, or after certain types of surgery (e.g. hip or knee replacement).

At Tufts Medical Center, our physical therapists are focused on helping you restore function, improve mobility and relieve pain so that you can enjoy your daily activities. We provide a full suite of physical therapy services, including evaluation and ongoing treatment.

Whether we see you in our downtown Boston hospital or outpatient gym, we'll work in close collaboration with your entire Tufts MC care team to ensure you receive the best possible rehabilitative therapy.

Inpatient care: Helping you go home safely & comfortably

Our specially trained inpatient physical therapists can work with you so that you can be safely discharged home or to a rehabilitation facility. Through our inpatient program, we see patients on every ward of Tufts MC to treat a wide range of issues, including stroke, heart failure, heart surgery and transplants, hip and knee replacements and injuries resulting from car accidents and other traumatic events. 

During your stay at Tufts MC, we consult with the other members of your care team to offer physical therapy services that support your overall treatment program.

Outpatient care: Restoring function & keeping you healthy

We apply research and clinical expertise to deliver comprehensive outpatient services, including evaluation and ongoing treatment for arthritis, back and neck pain, sports injuries and other conditions affecting function and mobility. In addition, we teach you to prevent or manage health conditions and pain.

Our gym is open and welcoming, with plenty of space for you to relax and focus on your treatment. At every appointment, you'll work one on one with a licensed physical therapist who provides the care and expertise you need to get back to doing the things you love.

Expert care for lymphedema

Tufts MC hosts one of Boston's only physical therapy clinics for treatment of lymphedema (chronic swelling in the arms, legs or other body parts). We have a certified lymphedema therapist on staff, and we use the latest treatment methods, including complete decongestive therapy.

Our team works closely with the providers at the Tufts MC Breast Health Center and other Tufts MC physicians to detect and treat lymphedema early, when it's most manageable.