Concierge Primary Care at the Pratt Diagnostic Center

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Membership in the Pratt Diagnostic Center (PDC) is fully compatible with most health insurance plans, including Medicare. We are happy to discuss your specific health plan with you. The annual fee pays for your annual physical examination. All other healthcare visits including office visits, appointments with specialists, diagnostic tests and hospital stays, will be billed to your health insurance.  You will still be required to make co-payments depending on your health plan.

The annual PDC physical is broader than what may be covered by insurance. As part of the concierge health care service, your physician reserves at least a full hour for this visit. This allows ample time to discuss such issues as nutrition, lifestyle planning and stress reduction. In addition, the blood test package is more extensive than is usually offered. After the annual physical, a personal wellness plan will be formulated and implemented throughout the year. Each patient will also receive a personal health record mini CD-ROM, which is approximately the size of a credit card, and contains the results of your physical examination, lab tests and EKG.

Membership in the PDC offers many of the same services that an executive physical provides, though the tests and labs may not all be done on the same day.  All appropriate screening and preventative services based on your age and health status will be arranged accordingly. What makes the PDC different than an executive physical is that your physician provides ongoing medical care, implementing the wellness plan throughout the year as well as dealing with any acute illnesses that may arise, whereas the executive physical only provides medical care for one visit and possibly a follow-up appointment.

All members pay monthly installments that are setup as recurring payments using an American Express, MasterCard, Visa card or a banking account. 

Most insurers view the preventive care services included with the annual fee as non-covered services and, therefore, do not reimburse the annual fee. You should not join the PDC expecting any reimbursement for your annual fee.

The annual fee for concierge medical services from PDC can be paid through employer Section 125 plans in most cases, and is compatible with flexible spending accounts (FSAs), medical savings accounts (MSAs), and health reimbursement accounts (HRAs). The fee may also be paid through the newly established health savings accounts (HSAs). Depending upon the type of plan in which you participate, the physician can provide you with a statement for your benefits administrator upon request at the time of your physical examination.

For more information about the Pratt Diagnostic Center and our concierge health care services, please call 617-636-2800.


The Concierge Primary Care at the Pratt Diagnostic center offers a full range medical treatments for those who are selective in choosing their health care setting and/or primary care doctor. An annual membership will provide a truly patient-centered medical home.

For more information about prices and becoming a member or to schedule a complimentary meet and greet, please call 617-636-4889 or 617-636-2800 or fill out this form.