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Healthy Cocktails

Top Low Calorie Drink Choices:

Graphic of a martini glassBefore your night begins, think about what you will order. If you are with business professionals or your friends, choosing a lower calorie drink may leave you feeling better in the morning. We asked Alicia Romano, a registered dietitian and nutritionist at the Frances Stern Nutrition Center at Tufts Medical Center for tips to be more mindful when ordering cocktails.


  • A glass of dry wine (red or white) or a glass of champagne/prosecco/cava. You can spritz up these glasses by adding elderflower liquor or add a splash of champagne to the wine for extra bubbles.


  • Light beer- Beers can be tough to gauge in terms of calories- the higher the alcohol content the higher the calories. IPAs tend to be high calorie offenders but session ales and light versions of beer as well as certain stouts can be lower calorie options.


  • 1.5oz of a spirit such as vodka, silver tequila, gin or whiskey with a low calorie mixer. Vodka or tequila with soda water and a splash of lime or orange will add flavor. If the named drinks are your favorites try a Moscow mule with vodka, gingerbeer, fresh lime and LOTS of ice or a mojito made with vodka, lime, mint and soda water.
  • If you prefer gin or whiskey, a classic gin & diet tonic with extra lime and extra ice or a whiskey on the rocks- you can even add a cherry on top for flavor!

What to watch out for:

  • Simple Syrup- This is added as a sweetener to drinks like Moscow mule and Mojitos. Ask the bartender for no syrup or just add a drop!
  • High calorie Mixers- Drinking a low calorie spirit combined with a high calorie mixer like juice or soda can defeat your efforts- stick to a soda water or just a splash of juice instead of a whole glass.
  •  If you want to avoid alcohol all together, Many restaurants and bars are offering options like cold brew coffee and kombocha (a fermented tea drink) on draft these days- these are alcohol free options that also taste great!

Regardless of what you order, enjoy what you are drinking! If the lower calorie options don’t satisfy you or leads you to indulge in far more beverages then just stuck with the REAL THING. Choose the interesting cocktail that you may only have one night a year, or the beer that might be a little higher calorie!  Indulge in it, be mindful of it, and enjoy every sip!  Keep it to one and opt for lower calorie beverages the rest of the night, like soda water with fresh citrus wedges!