Concierge Primary Care at the Pratt Diagnostic Center


Sustaining the Pratt Diagnostic Center's rich legacy of service

The Joseph H. Pratt Diagnostic Hospital was opened on December 15, 1938, and soon became recognized throughout the world for the skill of its doctors—led by Physician-in-Chief Samuel H. Proger—in diagnosing diseases, recommending therapy, and providing excellent nursing care. Dr. Joseph H. Pratt was an active 66 years old when the facility was opened and named in his honor, and he continued to participate in its operation for many years. Known for his broad experience as a physician and his wide-ranging knowledge of medical literature, Dr. Pratt attracted a large number of patients from all walks of life and was considered an invaluable resource to his fellow physicians.

While always providing free care to those who needed it, Pratt Diagnostic Clinic, as it became known, encouraged paying patients to come in for their medical care as well. With the PDC at the forefront, Tufts MC’s scope of services was broadened to include prominent members of the business community from Boston and beyond.

Pratt Diagnostic Clinic’s reputation for superb, personal, patient-focused medical care has remained intact for more than six decades, sustained by Dr. Proger’s successors as Physician-in-Chief, Dr. Sheldon M. Wolff and Dr. Deeb N. Salem. From 1986-2000, Pratt Diagnostic Clinic’s daily operations were under the direction of Dr. Merrill M. Goldstein, who was widely known as “the doctor’s doctor” and whose talents as a physician and teacher were universally recognized by patients, colleagues, and students.

Following Dr. Goldstein’s death in 2000, Dr. Michael Wagner, Chief of General Internal Medicine, led the way in rebuilding the Pratt Diagnostic Clinic. In December of 2003 the Pratt Diagnostic Clinic became the Pratt Diagnostic Center and Dr. Wagner passed the torch of leadership to Dr. Brian Cohen. Today, Dr. Cohen’s primary goal is to expand the Center’s patient base, especially among business executives and individuals who appreciate and demand the degree of personal care and attention for which the Pratt has long been known for. A vital step in executing Dr. Cohen’s plan has been the creation of a new, expanded clinical space, complete with the amenities necessary for delivering highly personalized care in the 21st century.

The Pratt Diagnostic Center continues to provide patients with exceptional access, service and amenities. The Center’s doors are open to any patient who requires the personalized attention and diagnostic expertise of its staff.