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Pratt Diagnostic Center (Concierge Primary Care)


Concierge care at Pratt Diagnostic Center

Pratt Diagnostic Center (PDC) is a concierge medical practice available at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. PDC offers a full range of personal diagnostic, therapeutic and health maintenance services tailored specifically for business executives, international patients and others who are selective in choosing their health care setting and/or primary care doctor. This full range of concierge health care services provides members with a truly patient-centered "medical home" for all medical needs. 

A Full Range of Personalized Services

Patients who become members of the Pratt Diagnostic Center receive the following concierge medicine and services:

  • Comprehensive wellness and lifestyle planning
  • Annual Physical Exam focusing on prevention
  • Counseling on nutrition, exercise and stress reduction
  • Personal health record CD-ROM
  • Physician availability 24/7 via personal pager
  • Same or next-day doctor appointments
  • Enhanced coordination of testing and specialty appointments
  • Rapid notification of test results
  • Prescription facilitation
  • Dedicated support staff
  • Email and fax access
  • Private entrance and waiting room     

Learn More about Our Comprehensive Services

For more information about the Pratt Diagnostic Center and our concierge health care services, please email Valarie Adamski at or call 617-636-2800.

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