Current Fellows

First Year CAP Fellows:

Sandra Lucio, DO
Tuft was my final and most memorable interview because of the genuine sense of caring and intellectual curiosity I observed in the faculty and fellows. In addition to the warm atmosphere, I knew Tufts would also provide exposure to a culturally diverse population in a wide array of settings, including residential programs and school consults, in which I have a special interest. Now that I am here, I have also felt a strong sense of teamwork, especially in the pursuit of wellness for our patients and ourselves. I admire the faculty’s continuous efforts to maximize our training and enrich our learning experiences. I am grateful to have joined the Tufts team with leaders who care about my growth and development as both a psychiatrist and an individual.


Marcia Wilson, DO
It was the warmth and sense of belonging I saw in attending and fellow physicians that drew me to Tufts. Since the start of fellowship, I have enjoyed working on multi-disciplinary teams to learn and provide care. Whether it’s delivering new neurodevelopmental diagnoses to children in the CCSN or partnering with pediatric subspecialist on cases, I feel like I am a part of a team. I am also delighted with the opportunity to learn from experts, such as Dr. John Sargent who teaches family therapy. Tufts further offers fellows an opportunity for rich mentorship and teaching through partnership with the medical school and psychiatry residency program. At Tufts, I am additionally able to pursue my special interest of working with children and adolescents with communication difficulties; such as those who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or have neurodevelopmental disorders. At the end of each day, I feel I can leave work feeling blessed to be in a fellowship that further empowers me to provide quality care to patients and their family.

Second Year CAP Fellows:

Sina Shah, MD

After interviewing I was certain I wanted to train at Tufts. I got the sense the faculty were exceptional, family-like, and supportive of their fellows. Since starting my training all of these all were confirmed as true along with excellent mentorship. The goal for the faculty is a clear commitment to education and helping fellows develop into leaders in the field. I’ve never felt more supported in my personal and professional growth, and dedication to preparing us for our careers after training. We work with patients and family with very diverse backgrounds with exposure to a wide spectrum of psychiatric disorders. Our close relationship with departments in our own full-service pediatric hospital is major asset. There are many opportunities to teach both in the hospital and at the Tufts School of Medicine. I would absolutely choose to train at Tufts if given the chance all over again, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career.

*The CAP fellowship includes trainees who are Tufts MC Triple Board Residents, who rotate with Child Psychiatry for six months during PGY3 year and for 12 months during PGY5 year.

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