Psychiatry Residency Program

The Tufts Medical Center department of psychiatry is an extraordinary academic and clinical enterprise. Our department has a diverse and accomplished faculty with expertise in a wide range of areas including mood disorders, medical psychiatric illness, inflammation, workplace mental health, childhood development, trauma, family therapy and various forms or individual psychotherapy including psychodynamic. Our faculty are nationally and internationally renowned with over 20 full and clinical professors, principal investigators covering many areas of psychiatry and deeply knowledgeable clinician teachers. This same faculty publishes dozens of articles per year detailing their original research, scholarship and policy recommendations. They are the leaders of national and international psychiatric organizations who affect the future of our field. 

Our department is home to three interrelated training programs:

Our clinical services include consult, emergency and outpatient services for all age groups, and inpatient services on the Tufts Medical Center campus for medically and psychiatrically complex adult patients. In addition we have major training, teaching and clinical care relationships with the Department of Mental Health where our faculty staff one of two forensic psychiatric hospitals and a combined medical and psychiatric mental health facility. 

Tufts Medical Center is the principal teaching hospital of the Tufts University School of Medicine and likewise our department of psychiatry at Tufts Medical Center is the principal academic home for the Department of Psychiatry at Tufts University School of Medicine. In addition, our Tufts affiliated network of hospitals and physicians care for thousands of patients each year at several major medical centers in Massachusetts and Maine, and train hundreds of medical students, residents and fellows. 

Psychiatry is in a unique period in its long history. The complex and often fearsome illnesses for which we care are beginning to yield their secrets to careful clinical investigation, genetics and neuroimaging. New treatments – both psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacologic – are being tested in clinical trials and effectiveness studies. There is a growing and important recognition of the large illness burden of psychiatric illness in both disability and the impact on co-morbid medical illness. Our faculty and students are public citizens as well: providing care and donating their time across our city and world. From China, to Haiti, to Serbia and Tanzania, Tufts psychiatry faculty are present, bringing their expertise and compassion to a suffering world. At a time of severe strain, we are also mindful of the long history of system racism and discrimination which affects so many of our patients, trainees and faculty. We are committed to ending these scourges and are committed to a diverse and vibrant community. This is a unique moment to train in psychiatry. We are honored to be present for our trainees, field and community.

Dr. Paul SummergradPaul Summergrad, MD
Dr. Frances S. Arkin Professor and Professor of Psychiatry and Medicine
Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Tufts Medical Center