Other Training Sites

Residents at Tufts Medical Center spend the majority of their time at Tufts Medical Center; however, there are multiple other training sites that residents train at, contributing to a well-rounded education with a great deal of variety.

Tewksbury Hospital (Tewksbury, MA)

Tewksbury Hospital is a 350-bed state hospital located in Tewksbury, MA. There are approximately 220 complex chronic medical adult patients residing on seven inpatient units and 150 psychiatric clients residing on five inpatient units. During the PGY-II year, residents spend two months rotating on a psychiatric inpatient unit, working with patients who have chronic and severe mental illness. During this rotation, residents are introduced to the challenges of working with chronic and treatment-resistant populations, working with the Department of Mental Health. 

Lawrence Memorial Hospital (Medford, MA)

Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Medford, MA is a 134-bed general community hospital and a member of MelroseWakefield Healthcare It features a prominent Geriatric Medical Psychiatric Program, which provides patients a spectrum of geriatric psychiatry services. There are open (18 bed) and secure (16 bed) inpatient units for geriatric patients with acute psychiatric needs such as depression, psychosis, mania and dementia-related psychiatric disturbance. The inpatient psychiatric units also have expertise in evaluating and treating significant medical co-morbidity. Other psychiatric services include psychiatric consultation on medical surgical units, inpatient and outpatient electroconvulsive therapy, geriatric partial hospitalization, psychiatric consultation in the nursing home setting, adult day health, Alzheimer’s disease support group and outpatient psychiatric care (geriatric and general adult). The hospital is accessible by public transportation.

North Shore Medical Center (Salem, MA)

North Shore Medical Center is located in Salem, MA and is a 20 bed locked inpatient facility for Children and Adolescents ages 3-17 years old. During the PGY-II year, residents spend one month rotating on the unit, working with 2 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Attendings and Physician Assistants who treat patients who are experiencing depression, anxiety, psychiatric disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, and other behavioral problems. 

Cambridge Court (Cambridge, MA)

The Cambridge Court is a District Court. It is accessible by public transportation or car. Adult patient population is seen at the Psychiatric Clinic of the Court, where adult and child/adolescent residents train in forensic psychiatry. PGY-III residents complete a rotation here.

South Boston Behavioral Health (Boston, MA)

The South Boston Behavioral Health Clinic is a satellite community clinic of Tufts Medical Center serving adults, children, and adolescents. It is located ten minutes from Tufts Medical Center and is a training site for both the General Psychiatry and the Child/Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Programs. PGY-III residents complete a rotation here.