Other Training Sites

Residents at Tufts Medical Center spend the majority of their time at Tufts Medical Center; however, there are multiple other training sites that residents train at, contributing to a well-rounded education with a great deal of variety.

Lemuel Shattuck Hospital (Jamaica Plain, MA)

A major teaching affiliate of the Tufts University School of Medicine, the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital is a teaching hospital operated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Located 5 miles from Tufts Medical Center (accessible by public transportation), it is a 260-bed multi-level healthcare facility dedicated to providing quality care to the people of Boston without regard to social or financial status. The hospital provides acute, rehabilitative, long-term, and outpatient care. Acute inpatient medicine and a 6-bed intensive care unit are the core of the hospital and the domain of its transitional residency program. The Shattuck’s rehabilitative and continuing care inpatient services include a Public Health Tuberculosis Treatment Unit, a 17-bed HIV service, a 46-bed geriatric service, a 16-bed Medical-Surgical/Behavioral Unit, a 20-bed Correctional Health unit with a sub-population of patients with AIDS, a 28 bed medical/psychiatric unit, a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Unit, psychiatric inpatient units, outpatient services, and a psychiatric day treatment program.

PGYIs complete an internal medicine rotation for one month at Shattuck Hosptial. They work on a team with medicine interns from Lahey Clinic, Tufts and Shattuck's own transitional internship program. The medicine senior on the service is generally a Tufts medicine resident. This service covers the ICU, acute inpatient medicine and the correctional health unit. This is a great opportunity to see diseases which are too "commonplace" for a tertiary medical center like Tufts and which would be more likely to be encountered later in one's career as a psychiatrist on an inpatient psychiatry unit.

PGYIIs spend a month at Shattuck on one of the psychiatry consult-liaison services with Dr. Thomas Posever. Due to significant population at Shattuck Hospital that is receiving rehab or long-term care the C-L team plays a large role in handling these patients' chronic mental illnesses. Patients you might see on this service include patients transferred from one of the state psychiatric hospitals for medical care, patients admitted for endocarditis due to IV drug use in need of prolonged antibiotic treatment, and patients with ESLD and hepatic encephalopathy. PGYIIIs rotate at the Gill Clinic at Shattuck Hospital, where they work with Dr. Sally Reyering and Dr. Hannah Larsen, working with patients with chronic and severe mental illness.

Tewksbury Hospital (Tewksbury, MA)

Tewksbury Hospital is a 350-bed state hospital located in Tewksbury, MA. There are approximately 220 complex chronic medical adult patients residing on seven inpatient units and 150 psychiatric clients residing on five inpatient units. During the PGY-II year, residents spend two months rotating on a psychiatric inpatient unit, working with patients who have chronic and severe mental illness. During this rotation, residents are introduced to the challenges of working with chronic and treatment-resistant populations, working with the Department of Mental Health.

Arbour Hospital (Jamaica Plain, MA)

Arbour Hospital is a 136-bed private psychiatric hospital located in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. This facility provides the Substance Abuse rotation for PGY I residents. Residents spend one month working closely with staff who are experts in all aspects of Substance Abuse. They learn about diagnosis and screening, progression of illness, acute and long-term management, and acute and long-term treatment including: detoxification protocols, pharmacotherapy, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), psychotherapy, motivational enhancement, and harm reduction. Arbour Hospital is located about 4 miles from Tufts Medical Center, accessible by public transportation.

Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center (Boston, MA)

The Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center is a Department of Mental Health facility which houses State and Forensic Psychiatry Units totaling 32 beds, and a Crisis Stabilization Unit among other community psychiatric services. The hospital is located about 1.5 miles from Tufts Medical Center, accessible by public transportation. During the PGYII year residents spend one month on one of the Forensic/State Hospital Inpatient Units. 

Lawrence Memorial Hospital (Medford, MA)

Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Medford, MA is a 134-bed general community hospital and a member of MelroseWakefield Healthcare. It features a prominent Geriatric Medical Psychiatric Program, which provides patients a spectrum of geriatric psychiatry services. There are open (18 bed) and secure (16 bed) inpatient units for geriatric patients with acute psychiatric needs such as depression, psychosis, mania and dementia-related psychiatric disturbance. The inpatient psychiatric units also have expertise in evaluating and treating significant medical co-morbidity. Other psychiatric services include psychiatric consultation on medical surgical units, inpatient and outpatient electroconvulsive therapy, geriatric partial hospitalization, psychiatric consultation in the nursing home setting, adult day health, Alzheimer’s disease support group and outpatient psychiatric care (geriatric and general adult). The hospital is accessible by public transportation.

Cambridge Court (Cambridge, MA)

The Cambridge Court is a District Court. It is accessible by public transportation or car. Adult patient population is seen at the Psychiatric Clinic of the Court, where adult and child/adolescent residents train in forensic psychiatry. PGY-III residents complete a rotation here.

South Boston Behavioral Health (Boston, MA)

The South Boston Behavioral Health Clinic is a satellite community clinic of Tufts Medical Center serving adults, children, and adolescents. It is located ten minutes from Tufts Medical Center and is a training site for both the General Psychiatry and the Child/Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Programs. PGY-III residents complete a rotation here.