How to prepare for your sleep study

Before coming to the hospital

  • Wash and dry your hair
  • Pack an overnight bag - like you would if you were staying at a hotel.
  • If you are on oxygen at home, please notify the center
  • If you use a CPAP machine at home, please bring your mask and headgear with you - you don't need to bring the machine.

For your sleep study

  • Do not use any hair spray, oils or gels in your hair - your hair should be clean and dry.
  • Continue taking your regular prescriptions but let our team know what they are so that we can determine if a certain medicine is affecting your sleep. Please bring these medications with you as well.
  • Wear loose fitting sleepwear
  • You are welcome to bring blankets and pillows or other comfort items you wish to have - but this isn't required.
  • Bring snacks because food will not be provided