Pediatric/Adult Transitional Clinic

The Pediatric/Adult Transitional Clinic is designed to provide our Tufts Medical Center patients with a comfortable and easy to manage transition into adult rheumatology care at Tufts Medical Center.

We work in concert with the pediatric rheumatologists to track when these patients are ready to shift into adult care. During their first visit to the adult clinic, the patient will actually be seen by their pediatric rheumatologist so that they can adjust and feel comfortable in the new setting. At the end of the appointment, the pediatric rheumatologist will introduce the patient to his or her adult rheumatologist and will help them book a follow-up appointment with their new physician.

Our clinic improves patient care because we are able to track and provide guidance for patients with rheumatologic diseases from childhood into adulthood. This allows us to truly understand the complications that may develop through the lifetime and enables us to work with our partners throughout the hospital to provide seamless, multidisciplinary care.

Appointments may be scheduled Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5 pm. To make an appointment for all services, call 617-636-5990.