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Speech Language Pathology + Audiology

Hearing Conservation Service

Taking a preventative approach to hearing loss

Did you know that noise-induced hearing loss is the only preventable type of hearing loss? If your job or hobby puts you at risk for hearing loss — or you're already experiencing this problem — the Tufts Medical Center Hearing Conservation Service in Boston is here for you.

Our team of certified audiologists can help you preserve your current level of hearing and protect against further damage. We have a special focus on musicians, who are particularly dependent on their hearing and have unique listening needs. However, we also see people who work in noisy environments along with recreational hunters, motorcyclists and many others.

An individualized plan to protect your hearing

Most patients who come to the Hearing Conservation Service have already noticed hearing loss. At your first visit, your audiologist takes the time to learn about your history of noise exposure. He or she also conducts a complete audiogram, a test that allows us to measure and document your current hearing level. We may have you undergo annual audiograms so that we can monitor your hearing moving forward.

Based on your history, test results and listening needs, your audiologist presents an individualized plan to protect your hearing. We typically provide guidance on how to avoid risky listening behaviors and reduce noise exposure in your work or recreational environment. Recommendations may include the use of earplugs, headphones, in-ear monitors (for musicians) or other devices.

Patient education is a very important part of our work. We strive to teach you about the factors contributing to your hearing loss along with the preventative measures that will be most effective for you. Working together with you, we'll make sure you're doing what it takes to conserve your hearing — today and for years to come.

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