Current Surgery Residents

PGY-1 Categorical

Ryan CassidyRyan Cassidy
Education: Salem State University, Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine Personal Interests: running, hockey, spending time with friends and family
Why Tufts? “I chose Tufts because of the small, close-knit group of residents and the faculty who are all invested in our education and development.”
Eamon Khatibifar MDEamon Khatibifar
Education: Boston University, Boston University School of Medicine
Personal Interests: Playing guitar/music, baseball, travelling, history, politics
Why Tufts? “Tufts is a supportive, warm, and welcoming program that provides its residents both excellent clinical training across the surgical disciplines and incredible mentorship to achieve one's goals.”
Caroline KingCaroline King
Education: Dartmouth College, Georgetown University School of Medicine Personal
Interests: dogs, baking, golf, running, travel, breast cancer, innovation, research
Why Tufts: “Besides the obvious answers that Tufts is an incredible Surgery program with tremendous operative and research opportunities serving a diverse population, it was my future colleagues who drew me here. During my interview, I felt an instant spark with everyone I spoke to. In narrowing down where I’d like to spend the next 5 years, I knew that matching at Tufts meant I’d be able to learn from the best and brightest while also ensuring I felt supported, guided, and valued by my colleagues on a personal level.”


Jake Lee MDJake Lee
Education: Saint Louis University, Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Personal Interests: Tennis, cooking, travelling, trying new restaurants, spending time with his German Shepard
Why Tufts: “I chose Tufts because of the collegial environment, diversity, and supportive culture. I was born and raised in Missouri, so I'm excited to fulfill my dream of living on the east coast with faculty dedicated to my success as a future surgeon.”


PGY-1 Prelim

David HollisDavid Hollis
Education: Loyola Marymount University, Tufts University School of Medicine
Personal Interests: cooking; his best cuisines are Mexican and Italian
Why Tufts? “I chose Tufts because of the great mentorship I have received as a medical student.”



Matthew LaBargeMatthew LaBarge
Education: Northeastern University, Tufts University School of Medicine
Personal Interests: golf, SCUBA diving, nature photography, skiing, cooking
Why Tufts? “I chose Tufts because there is a clear commitment to resident education and a culture of support amongst the residents and faculty. Boston is also a great city to live and work in.”


Sonia LeeSonia Lee
Education: Duke University, Tufts University School of Medicine Personal
Interests: skiing, yoga, boxing, hiking, spending time with family/friends/dogs
Why Tufts? “I chose Tufts because of how friendly and down-to-earth everyone in the hospital was from day 1 of my surgery clerkship as 3rd year medical student! The attendings always put patients first, while also being committed to training the next generation of surgeons who are well-rounded, caring human beings. Everyone from support staff, to nurses, and to OR teams are all in it to help us succeed. The patients we get to treat truly brighten my day. Finally, the residents genuinely enjoy each other's company in and out of the hospital, and that is ultimately what drew me to Tufts. Plus, it's hard to beat living in Boston!”



Jeff Aalberg
Education: Tufts University, Tufts University School of Medicine
Personal Interests: Rowing, Cross-country skiing
Why Tufts: I love everything Boston has to offer, the people I have met along the way, and the patient population served.


Naseem Bou-Ayash
Education: University of Balamand, Lebanon
Personal Interests: Education - Robotics, minimally invasive surgery, hernia. Activities - Skiing, martial arts, Chess
Why Tufts: A program with a rich history and a palpable sense of companionship between faculty members and residents. At Tufts, you are surrounded by exemplary role models at all levels who inspire and support you on your career path.  


Elsa Chahine
Education: American University of Beirut
Personal Interests: Yoga, Baking, Traveling
Why Tufts: The people, the sense of community, the diversity and the endless opportunities


Austin Olano
Education: Michigan State Univerity, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
Personal Interests: Musical theatre, running, traveling, exploring new restaurants
Why Tufts: The opportunity to work with a diverse patient population in the heart of Boston alongside top-notch surgeons, combined with the palpable camaraderie between the residents made Tufts the perfect fit for me!



Muhammad AtiqMuhammad Atiq
Education: Aga Khan University Medical College, Pakistan
Personal Interests: cooking, all kinds of animals. “If I wasn’t a human doctor, I would have been a veterinarian or zookeeper.”
Why Tufts? “Tufts has a very well respected cardiac surgery program, which is what I’m interested in pursuing as a fellowship. Tufts also offers a high level of clinical complexity, excellent mentorship, and many opportunities for self-directed advancement - all of which are essential for comprehensive surgical training.”



Isaac-Gendelman, MD is a surgical residentIsaac Gendelman
Education: Tufts University School of Medicine
Clinical Interest: Surgery
Personal Interest: Cooking, Gardening, Swimming, Painting, Technology, Reading
Why Tufts: Close department with collegial relationships and supportive peers and Attending. Great clinical opportunities with diverse patient population. 


Saman Kamal
Education: Louisiana State University School of Medicine, New Orleans
Personal interests: travel, cooking and baking, trying new restaurants, chasing my toddler at the park, exploring Boston with my family 
Why Tufts: I chose Tufts for the warm, welcoming, and supportive environment, combined with strong operative experience and dedication to teaching. 


Nicole Wise
Education: Case Western Reserve University SOM
Personal Interests: Frisbee, rock climbing,
Why Tufts: It's the perfect combination of clinical and academic medicine. I feel like everyone here really cares about the patients as people, surgery as an art, and also us residents as a part of the family. I definitely consider myself lucky to be here.



Kerry GaffneyKerry Gaffney
Education: Stony Brook School of Medicine 
Clinical Interest: Thoracic, Breast, Colorectal
Personal Interest: Hiking, camping, skiing 
Why Tufts: A well balanced program with the perfect combination of hands-on experience, surgical education and emphasis on cultivating a collegial working environment 


Ryan HallRyan Hall
Education: Tufts University School of Medicine
Clinical Interests: Thoracic Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Medical Education
Personal Interests:  Politics, biking, camping, surfing, basketball
Why Tufts:  The culture at Tufts is one of support and encouragement. Small program size leads to individual attention and closer relationships with attendings and greater autonomy. The academic setting, medical school and professional networks offer all the resources necessary to pursue goals and interests.


Manish Karamchandani is a surgical residentManish Karamchandani
Education: Tufts University School of Medicine
Clinical Interest: Cardiothoracic Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Oncoplastic Reconstruction
Personal Interest: Travel, Exercise, Sports
Why Tufts: I chose Tufts for its excellent mentorship, close-knit resident family, and strong operative experience


Caroline RichardCaroline Ricard
Education:  Tufts University School of Medicine
Clinical Interests: thoracic Surgery, Surgical Education Research
Personal Interests:  Rowing, hiking with my dog, family, friends
Why Tufts: Close-knit group of residents.  Attendings show real interest in our development as surgeons.  Great location!

Alexandra TedescoAlexandra Tedesco
Education: Louisiana State University School of Medicine, New Orleans
Clinical Interests: Cardiothoracic Surgery and Trauma Surgery
Personal Interests: Watching New Orleans sports teams, cross-stitching, spending time with family and friends
Why Tufts: Everyone I met during my interview was incredibly friendly and welcoming. I was impressed by the dedication to teaching by both the residents and faculty.





Alexander Friedman is a surgery residentAlexander Friedman
Education: Georgetown University School of Medicine
Clinical Interest: Trauma, MIS
Personal Interests: Traveling, Exercise, Cooking, Movies
Why Tufts: I chose Tufts Medical Center for my surgical training because I felt it would provide me with not only the knowledge and skill set required of a versatile surgeon but also with a unique and intimate learning environment. The competence and accessibility of the staff are second to none here at TMC.  


Dr. Monica MajumdarMonica Majumdar, MD
Education: Rush Medical College, Chicago IL
Clinical Interest: Vascular Surgery
Personal Interests: walking through the woods, playing cards
Why Tufts: the value placed on resident education is intrinsic in every area of the department; the mentorship extends all the way from the top down to senior and even co-residents


Sandra ParkSandra Park
Education: Medical College of Wisconsin
Clinical Interests: Colorectal Surgery, Plastic Surgery
Personal Interests: Swimming, speed-skating, clarinet, baking


YurieYurie Sekigami, MD
Education: Medical College of Wisconsin
Clinical Interests: Surgical Oncology
Personal Interests: Friends and family, tennis, singing, travel
Why Tufts: I chose Tufts because of the close-knit feel of the program, wonderful and supportive faculty and for its great location! 


Research Year

Sam Barnett, MD is a surgical residentSamuel Barnett
Education: University of Melbourne
Clinical Interest: Pediatric Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Surgical Research/Education
Personal Interest: Hiking, Traveling, Australian Football
Why Tufts: Friendly, supportive and welcoming program that includes a broad general surgical experience



Ian Nickel is a surgical residentIan Nickel
Education: The University of Virginia School of Medicine
Clinical Interest: Cardiac surgery, Aortic surgery, Critical Care
Personal Interest: Alpine, Rock and Ice Climbing, Cycling, Backpacking, Pretty much anything that gets me outside!
Why Tufts: The Tufts culture heavily emphasizes resident education and training and I felt that the attendings here all genuinely cared about the success of their residents. The residents themselves all seemed happy and well-supported with abundant post-graduation opportunities and I really appreciated the overall sense of community that is evident throughout this program.


Carly Wareham is a surgical residentCarly Wareham
Medical School: Tufts University School of Medicine 
Clinical Interests: surgical oncology, medical education 
Personal Interests: hiking with my pup, beaching, reading, spending time with friends and family
Why Tufts: I chose tufts because of its tight knit feel, supportive environment, and the faculty's dedication to resident success. The residents are a fun group of people who support one another. Boston is a great place to train, and Tufts has a unique and diverse patient population.