Message from the Program Director

Jeffrey Cooper, MD is a transplant surgeon at Tufts Medical Center.In looking at the variety of surgical residency websites, you may ask yourself: why should I be interested in coming to Tufts Medical Center to complete my surgical residency? What differentiates Tufts MC from the many other surgical programs that you may be applying to?  

In answering that question, I would point to the same attributes that has led many of us surgical staff to choose to work here, year after year, and why we have such feelings of loyalty and affection for the institution as a whole. For myself, I have been a transplant surgeon at Tufts MC since 2001, and this was my first job out of fellowship. Dr. Tarnoff, our Chair of Surgery, also arrived at Tufts in 2001. Our former chairman, Dr. William Mackey, whom you may meet during the interview process, has outdone the two of us, as he began working at Tufts in 1985. You may ask yourself why all of us have chosen to spend the majority of our careers working in this one place.

I think all of us would agree that Tufts is a very special place, for a number of reasons. The first of these is that the culture of Tufts is quite unique: located in the heart of Boston’s Chinatown district, at the very center of downtown Boston, our patients (and the surrounding population as a whole) reflect an enormous variety of cultures, languages and social class. If you are interested in living and working in an environment that will constantly challenge you, particularly if come from an area that does not have a lot of cultural diversity, than Tufts may be the right place for you.

Diversity is reflected in the patient population, our surgical staff and our residents, as well as the other members of our surgical team. All are united in a dedication to providing world-class care to our patients, who both challenge and inspire us on a daily basis. Part of our challenge is reflected in that our hospital features the highest case mix index of any of our fellow Boston academic medical centers.

The other attribute that may (and hopefully should) appeal to you is that we are one of the smaller programs in Boston. Because of this, we are able to provide individual attention to each of our residents, you will never be lost in the crowd here. The people with whom you will work will be able to identify and help you in those areas where help is needed, and provide you with the mentorship that you will need as you decide which career path to follow. Given our size, we really get to know you, and you us.

Our approach has always been that each of our residents has a different goal in mind: for some, that may be an academic career, and further advanced fellowship training; others may choose a career in private practice. If you do match with us, you will be capable of, and comfortable with, choosing either option.

I hope that our affection for Tufts does come through, as I know it well if you choose to interview with us. On that note, I encourage you to consider us as a great potential place to do your surgical training. 

On our end, we are always on the lookout for emotionally mature, bright, and hard-working students who will contribute something unique to the institution. We take it as our mission to help you achieve your fullest potential. I hope to see you along the interview trail. Thanks.

Jeff Cooper