Surgical Critical Care

Providing expert care

The Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) at Tufts Medical Center is a nationally recognized ten-bed, quaternary care ICU. We provide state-of-the-art post-surgical care for patients being treated for conditions ranging from liver transplantation to high-risk obstetrics. With approximately 950 admissions annually, the Surgical ICU is staffed by a senior and experienced nursing staff, and has in-unit 24 hours coverage by a physician team.

Tufts Medical Center's Surgical ICU voluntarily participates in a national database called Project Impact, which allows tracking of outcomes for its patients and comparisons with intensive care units across North America. We have been a part of Project Impact since shortly after its inception, in 1997 and are the only ICU in Boston to partake in the project.

Getting our patients the results that they need

We are proud to report that Tufts Medical Center’s Surgical ICU has always outperformed comparative ICUs nationally in the following areas:

  • Documented superior survival from critical illness
  • Documented decreased time spent in the ICU
  • Documented decrease in complications and in-hospital acquired infections

Based on the latest scientific evidence, Tufts Medical Center’s Surgical Intensive Care Unit has devised many protocols for standardizing care of the critically ill and injured, which help reduce medical errors and improve survival from life-threatening illness. Many of our protocols have been disseminated nationally, are used in other medical centers and have been recognized nationwide.