Injury Prevention

Our Trauma Service Injury Prevention team is devoted not just to saving the lives of those gravely hurt or ill, but also to educating the public on safe practices to prevent accidents before they happen. We work across the injury spectrum to raise public awareness about trauma prevention, from talks to schools and community groups to meetings with legislators.

In catering to our mission statement, our injury prevention program serves the Greater Boston area and by:

  • Providing educational sessions, materials, and programming pertinent to highly prevalent injuries sustained by our patients
  • Monitoring the cases of patients seen by the trauma services for development of injury prevention programs

By performing activities and advocating for the reduction and elimination of injuries, we are:

  • Teaching the public that injuries are preventable
  • Creating a healthier and more self-aware population
  • Building a safer environment to live in
  • Instilling proper safety knowledge in the public’s mindshare

Spreading the word

The Trauma Service Injury Prevention Coordinator frequently attends community events, health and resource fairs, public road races and walks, and community center sponsored events promoting various injury prevention topics.  Aside from community outreach, our Injury Prevention team utilizes social media to raise awareness about seasonal and new trending injury prevention topics.  Be sure to follow the Tufts Medical Center social media accounts to stay in loop about what is going on in Boston as well as the greater United States!

The Injury Prevention Program works to research and understand why certain injuries or incidents occur, and furthermore what can be done on a larger scale to prevent them in the future. Our injury prevention projects and research interests raise awareness for key decision makers, the media, and the state and federal legislators about proposing new rules, legislation, or safety standards to prevent future incidents.  

Current and ongoing injury prevention projects in Boston

  • Fall Prevention
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety
  • Impaired/Drugged Driving
  • Sport and Recreational Injuries
  • Concussion Awareness and Education

The Trauma Service and Injury Prevention program has partnered with the Brigham and Women’s Trauma program to provide a new tailored, community-based fall prevention program for senior citizens and persons with disabilities within the Greater Boston area! This program was developed in 2016 and has been piloted at several senior living facilities across the Greater Boston area in 2017. Seniors choose which fall prevention topics they would like a workshop/presentation on, and our Tufts MC and Brigham Injury Prevention Coordinators will provide a tailored presentation to fit their fall prevention needs.

If you are interested in learning more about a fall prevention class, please fill out the form by clicking the link below and our Injury Prevention Coordinator will contact you with more information.  

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