Trauma Registry

Elevating the quality of trauma care, one patient at a time

Your story matters to us. If you are rushed by ambulance or helicopter to our trauma center, the details of how you were injured and your recovery are crucial to helping others down the line.  As an elite Level I Trauma Center, our surgeons are at the top of their fields, ready to deal with any contingency, from a fall to a bad car accident. But our level I designation, the highest awarded by the American College of Surgeons, also reflects our commitment to continually improving patient outcomes. We analyze and review the care we provide to every single patient who comes through our doors.

What to expect

Working with you and your doctors, our trauma registrars will collect a wide range of information, from how you were injured to personal and demographic data.  We will follow and record your progress, from the point you were injured to when you are well enough to return home. The data is crucial to our ongoing quest to constantly monitor and improve the quality of care we provide to the critically injured. Only by examining closely every patient’s experience treatment can we truly understand what went right and what could be done better. The information we collect is also shared, as required, with the state and federal government.