Vascular Surgery

World-class patient care, research and training

The Division of Vascular Surgery specializes in management of arterial and venous diseases. Our Division has been a long-standing, dedicated vascular practice at Tufts Medical Center since 1966 and continues to treat more than 4,500 patients each year.

Our vascular surgeons have used their clinical expertise and research interests to make significant contributions to the field. Our research and clinical breakthroughs include a current clinical trial using stem cell therapy for the treatment of advanced arterial disease (to avoid amputation) when no other treatment options are available.

We are also home to a two-year, fully accredited ACGME Vascular Surgery Fellowship Program that provides a complete and seamless educational experience for the emerging leaders in this field.

A multidisciplinary team of experts

We are also a major component of Tufts Medical Center’s CardioVascular Center, a multidisciplinary center of excellence dedicated to treating all forms of cardiovascular disease. In addition, the Division of Vascular Surgery boasts strong collaborative relationships with Neurology, Nephrology, Rehabilitative Medicine, Infectious Diseases and other medical subspecialty groups. Collaboration with these departments allows our patients to receive a seamless care across the Medical Center.

Each patient is treated by a team of physicians who design the most effective and least invasive treatment plan possible. We also strive to make each patient’s experience as personal as possible. Our goal is to treat you like a member of our own family.

We provide expert evaluation and care in all areas of vascular disease management. In particular, our physicians are extremely skilled in minimally invasive endovascular management of aortic aneurysms, carotid artery interventions for stroke prevention and treatment of arterial diseases of the extremities and chronic venous disease.