Vascular Surgery

Advanced Wound Care Modalities

Millions of Americans are afflicted by hard to heal wounds. We are studying novel therapies aimed at stimulating these wounds to heal more quickly and effectively. In this research laboratory research program we are study a number of approaches aimed at stimulating wound healing. In particular we study small peptides and other advanced therapeutic options. We hope to move from bench top and animal study quickly to human clinical trials.

We are working on this project in concert with our Tufts University Partners.

Dr. Mark Iafrati

Wang X, Zhang X, Castellot J, Herman I, Iafrati M, Kaplan D. Controlled release from multilayer silk biomaterial coatings to modulate vascular cell responses. Biomaterials 29 (2008) 894–903.

Demidova-Rice TN, Wolf L, Deckenback J, Hamblin MR, Herman IM. Human platelet-rich plasma- and extracellular matrix-derived peptides promote impaired cutaneous wound healing in vivo PLoS One. 2012;7(2):e32146. Epub 2012 Feb 23.