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Weight and Wellness Center

Get Started on the Path to Your Optimal Weight

The Weight and Wellness Center at Tufts Medical Center has an exceptional team of care providers ready to help you get started on your weight loss journey. We encourage you to use the form below to request more information or to set up your initial appointment. 

Speak with a member of our team

If you have any questions or just want to get some additional information, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team by calling our patient navigator, Angie King at 617-636-6086 or emailing her at Angie typically responds within 24 hours. 

Surgical weight loss

If you're interested in surgical weight loss, please follow the steps below and request an appointment to begin your weight loss journey: 

1. Determine your Body Mass Index (BMI), a number calculated using your height and weight to determine your approximate level of body fat. Use our BMI Calculator.
2. Download our PDF for surgical program specifics including insurance eligibility requirements, types of surgery, resources and the appointment processes.
3. View our online information session below: 

4. Use our online form to request an appointment: 

Request an appointment

Or, email, fax or mail the application (PDF) to us:

Once your application is received we will contact you to schedule your first appointment.

Timothy Darling providing resources and assistance to a Weight and Wellness Center Patient.

Providing the information and resources you need.

The Weight and Wellness Center provides the tools needed to make an informed decision about weight loss options.

View our resources
Connect with us on Baritastic, an app for patients in the Weight and Wellness Center at Tufts Medical Center in downtown Boston, MA.