Weight and Wellness Center

Helpful Websites, Apps and Books for Weight Loss

Below are several websites and book listings that may help you learn more about obesity and your treatment options. We do not endorse any of these sites (except our own, of course), but nonetheless they may offer a reasonable way to broaden your perspective about weight loss surgery and help you formulate questions you may not have thought of before.

Tufts Medical Center - Weight and Wellness Center (Our Site)
Provides resources dedicated to weight loss through a combination of methods such as nutrition, medicine, behavioral health, psychology and surgery.

Bariatric Surgery Source - A great resource for those contemplating bariatric surgery.

Gastric Bypass
Obesity Help - A great resource for weight loss. Our surgeons are featured on one of the webcasts about gastric bypass surgery and its risks. 

Gastric Banding
Lap Band - A site run by the Lap Band AP system (a company that produces Bands) that provides information on how the adjustable band works.

Realize Band - A site run by the REALIZE system (a company that produces Bands) that provides information on how adjustable bands work, as well as providing other helpful tools.

BandedLiving - A patient created website that is designed to provide support and information for people who have had gastric band surgery.

Gastric Sleeve
Bariatric Surgery Guide - A site that provides a simple explanation about the gastric sleeve (also called vertical sleeve gastrectomy).

Nutrition and Exercise
These sites provide excellent resources to track calories and exercise. For smart phone users, there are many free apps available that will perform similar tracking functions.

Fit Day - A free weight loss and diet journal that allows you to create a goal and track progress.

Spark People - Provides tools, resources and support to help you along your weight loss journey. Includes nutritional information for personal recipes and a personalized fitness program

Stickk - A website that helps individuals set goals and find smart ways to achieve them.

Online Support Groups
These websites offer online support, which can be helpful between appointments or late at night when you are experiencing a strong craving. Be sure to search for groups specific to your surgery.

Obesity Help - This resource for weight loss also includes a number of support groups for patients who have had surgery, for people looking to talk about diet and exercise and specific condition forums.

Daily Strength - Provides a wide range of free and anonymous support groups.

Yahoo Groups - Yahoo is home to forums that span just about every subject that you can think of, including weight loss and bariatric surgery.

Spark People - Although spark people offers a web resource for food logging, it also offers a number of free apps to help you track your food and fitness while you are on the go.

Fit Day - This application is a mobile version of it's food tracking website that provides a weight loss and diet journal.

Livestrong - Livestrong provides a resource list of some of the best weight loss mobile apps that are available. Livestrong's own app, Calorie Tracker is listed among the "Best Weight Loss Apps."

The Weight Loss Surgery Workbook - By Doreen Samelson

Weight Loss Surgery: Is It Right For You? - By Merle Cantor Goldberg, George Cowan Jr. and William Y. Marcus

Weight Loss Surgery For Dummies - By Marina S. Kurian, Barbara Thompson and Brian K. Davidson

Weight Loss Surgery: Finding the Thin Person Hiding Inside You, 3rd Edition - By Barbara Thompson

Weight Loss Surgery with the Adjustable Gastric Band: Everything You Need to Know Before and After Surgery to Lose Weight Successfully - By Robert Sewell and Linda Rohrbough

A Guide to Weight Loss Surgery - By Rhonda Hamilton

You can you check your local library, bookstore or online to find these books.