Grocery guide



What to Look For

Breads & Crackers & Whole Grains

Buns / sandwich rounds

English muffins

Sliced breads

Wraps, Crackers


Filling ingredients:

  • “Whole grains” in the ingredient list
  • High fiber: at least 3 grams per slice
  • Protein:2 or more grams per slice

Low calories:

  • 100 calories or fewer per slice



Cold, i.e. bran cereal

Hot, i.e. oatmeal


Filling ingredients:

  • “Whole grains” in the ingredient list
  • High fiber: at least 5g/serving

Low sugar content

  • Make sure that sugar is not the first ingredient

Dairy: Yogurt & Cheese


Hard cheese, i.e. Cheddar, Swiss

Soft cheese, i.e. cottage, ricotta


Greek yogurt, regular yogurt, Icelandic yogurt, Kefir

Low fat /Part skim Dairy Products

  • <3g fat/serving


  • <14g per serving

Dressings & Condiments





Salad dressing

Low sugar content

  • <14g sugar/serving

    Low fat

  • <3-5g fat/serving

Frozen, meals

Breakfast sandwiches/wraps

Frozen lunches/dinners

Frozen side dishes

Fewer than 400 calories

Fewer than 10 grams of fat

Fewer than 600mg of sodium

At least 15 grams of protein



Nut Butter


Almonds, peanuts, pistachios, walnuts

Almond butter, peanut butter



  • No added sugar or fats – look for nut butters with just 1-2 ingredients: nuts & salt

    Portion size

  • Limit to ¼ cup serving of raw nuts or 2 tablespoons of nut butter

Pasta & Whole Grains

Whole grain pastas

Plant based pastas, Barley, Bulgar, Farro, Rice, Quinoa

Filling ingredients

  • Look for whole grain as the first ingredient
  • High fiber: >3g fiber/serving

Veggie burgers


Less than 200 calories per burger

At least 10 grams protein per serving

Less than 3-7g fat per serving